Creo Fitness - The home of Buckinghams leading Personal Training and Massage Therapy provider.

Relieve pain, prevent injury, and train harder

Creo Fitness is a multifaceted Recovery and Wellness solution, offering a range of Therapy and Personal Training services at Swan Pool Leisure Centre in Buckingham.

Our team of Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, and Injury Rehabilitators help you increase your fitness, return to sport from injury and overcome the rehab needed from any surgery you may have had. We can also advise you on which training techniques and recovery options would best fit your needs.

We place a huge amount of focus on client education and have helped clients overcome both the physical and mental aspects of significant injuries and feeling back to their best.

What I've discovered about Liam is that he doesn't just give you a programme, he looks for precision in every movement to make sure you maximise your time in the gym, carefully teach technique and provide a whole education about lifestyle choices outside of your sessions.

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Liam is an excellent coach. He listens to your needs and any medical issues when devising an individual programme for you. He is patient but encouraging. I would recommend him to everyone young or old.

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A treatment solution for all

We're ready to introduce you to our system of manual therapy and movement programming. Designed to get you out of pain and move at your full potential.