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Our Fitness and Therapy services offer a therapeutic approach, which has three key elements:

1. Reduce Pain

Our first objective is to reduce any current pain symptoms you may have, an initial consultation will consist of history taking and assessing for any dysfunctions, allowing us to identify the root cause of pain symptoms.

2. Improve movement quality

Stage two - restoring safe and effective movement patterns. Highlighting movement faults during the initial consultation allows us to correct any biomechanical dysfunctions. This is essential for long term recovery.

3. Education

Client - Therapist dialogue is essential. However, client educations is required for effective communication.

Our clients will leave their first session fully understanding of their symptoms, associated causes, along with the required treatment plan. This education allows us to discuss any change in symptoms with our clients more effectively. 


Our musculoskeletal services include treatment for:


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Our memberships allow you to work with our team of expert therapists. Introducing you to our system of manual therapy, and movement programming, designed to get you out of pain and moving at your full potential.